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Oak Island Captain William Kidd and the Mystery

Oak Island, Nova Scotia, one the most intriguing mysteries and the world's greatest treasure hunt. There has been so many attempts to try and solve the Oak Island riddle. Neither force nor technology have been able to give us the answer but just maybe the answer is not far away. Six lives have been lost and millions of dollars spent attempting to get to the secrets of the Money Pit. Still, no one knows what lies at the bottom, who built it or why. There are numerous theories but little proof.
Oak Island Part 1

   Captain William Kidd

Legends abound about secret caches of treasure buried by Kidd and his crew. There are many tales of old men on their death beds claiming to have been part of Kidd's crew and having knowledge of hidden wealth.

      He was born in 1645 Greenock Renfrew Scotland although some say Dundee,he died May 23, 1701, London.  He was sailing as a legitimate privateer for Britain when he was commissioned in 1695 to apprehend pirates who molested the ships of the East India Company. He himself turned pirate on the voyage,taking  several ships and starting his life as Captain William Kidd pirate of the seas. He then took possession of numerous French ships and as long as he was harassing the French, the British authorities were happy to turn a blind eye, too much of his piracy.
    It was in 1699 when he surrendered, having been promised a pardon. Sent from New York to England for trial, he was found guilty of  murder and five piracy counts, and he was hanged for the murder of William Moore.
The Murder of William Moore 

     On October 30 1697, Kidd's gunner, William Moore, was on deck sharpening a chisel, a Dutch ship was in sight. Moore urged Kidd to attack the Dutchman, an act not only piratical but also certain to anger the Dutch-born King William.An argument started and Kidd  heaved an ironbound bucket at Moore. Moore fell to the deck with a fractured skull and died the following day.
       At his execution,Kidd had drank so much brandy and rum he could no longer stand by himself. A huge crowd gathered to see Kidd get hanged. The rope around his neck broke.A new rope was tied around his neck and he was hung. His body was hung on the gallows until three tides had washed over his body before being cut down and pronounced dead. This was the maritime law for convicted pirates.His body was tarred and placed inside a metal cage as a warning to all future pirates. His body was displayed like this for almost 2 yrs until the birds pecked his body to the bone. Some of his treasure was recovered from Gardiners Island (off Long Island), but much has apparently never been found.Many stories point toward Oak Island as Kidds treasure burial ground.
     It was'nt just Kidd but other pirates also have been rumored to have used the island as something of a safe/bank. It is believed that each group of pirates would dig deep, long tunnels off the main Money Pit shaft in order to hide their treasure. If they wanted to retrieve it, all they had to do was dig down through untouched dirt to get their wealth.

Francis Bacon, Knights Templar/Mason Conspiracy Theory

    Francis Bacon was always accepted as the younger son of Sir Nicholas Bacon however there exist reasonable grounds to suggest that he was actually the secret son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley. He is an enigmatic figure and some actually believe he is the true author of the works of Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe. Bacon held a fascination with mysterious codes and ciphers. 

     Dr Owen, says Bacon always intended to conceal his manuscripts below the river Wye.This was in the tradition of the ancient Visigoths who redirected rivers and buried their dead beneath in secret tombs. While following instructions in a Baconian cipher and discovering a mysterious underground chamber beneath the bed of the River Wye, in the West of Britain. To his disappointment it was empty,but further Baconian ciphers were to be found carved on the walls. They believed the inscribed stone discovered in the Money Pit could be the link to Francis Bacon.Also the parchment found give Bacon followers more hope that one day the truth will be revealed.

Bacon's faithful claim Shakespeare was not educated enough to write his plays and they must have been written by someone else. Some people believe that someone else, is Francis Bacon. Since no original manuscripts of Shakespeare have ever been found, the theory goes that the originals were Bacon's and he has buried them somewhere to be found some time in the future.
In 1610, King James I granted Bacon land in Newfoundland. Sir Francis Bacon had  contacts such as Sir Francis Drake and status to arrange a secret burial of his valuable manuscripts. Bacon just adds more mystery to what's lying beneath Oak Island.
Francis Bacon Quotes

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.
Life, an age to the miserable, and a moment to the happy.
Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom
There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying.
   In this Clip,they use Edgar Alan Poes deciphering code from his book The Gold Bug which I find of great interest as well.

The Visions

An old lady told of a vision she had which occured on the south side of the island where there was a old birch tree see saw a vision of a dog sitting on some treasure chests.
Another story is a vision of dog on some boxes which a man had while  searching  for the treasure on Oak Island.
There have been many photos taken on Oak Island where orbs have claimed to be present.


  1. Such an interesting topic Lee.Loving the mystery surrounding Oak Island/The money Pit. You're such a great blogger and photographer. Super CHEERS to you.

  2. I have been watching the program with my wife and it is very interesting to see all the clues they come up with. How many people have really visited the island before 1600 and why did they dig so many traps to protect a treasure that nobody can find?
    Pirates could have buried their treasure there and never returned.