Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pink Lakes

Worlds Pink Lakes

Lake Hillier is a pink lake right on the edge of the Australian island of Middle Recherche Archipelago belonging to a complex group of about 100 islands off the south-west coast of Western Australia. It’s literally just a few steps away from a normal coloured Indian Ocean, but despite so close it remains a strong pink colour.They are still unsure as the reason why it is pink .They think its the algae!

Lake Hillier Western Australia

Lake Retba Senegal

also known as Lac Rose
Lake Retba’s amazing colouration derives from its high salt concentration. This makes it a prime habitat for halobacterium, a salt-loving microorganism which is red or purple in colour. The water of lake actually changes from mauve to deep pink in colour, depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight.

Dusty Rose Lake Canada
         This pink lake is located in the mountains not far from the ocean waterways of Bella Coola, Canada. The water of this lake is not salty like most other pink lakes and does not contain any algae either. The color comes from the unique composition of the rocks in the area and the nearby glacier. The water of this lake is not salty and does not contain any algae either.


  1. Wow! Thanks Lee. I'd never heard of PINK LAKES before.

  2. Hi Edna! I keep finding things in nature that just blows my mind! I am sure there is a couple of Pink Lakes in South Australia as well and could easily be more!