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Kimba vs Lion King

   Kimba The White Lion

  Known as Jungle Taitei in Japan and translates as "The Jungle Emporer."  It was a colour anime series created and produced by Osamu Tezuka, through his own company named Mushi Productions, released in Japan in 1966.

Kimba Storyline

   Before Kimba is born, his father Caeser is killed trying to free Kimba’s mother Snowlene from lion hunters. The lion hunters are hired by the game warden to kill Caeser who is always releasing the natives' livestock as he wants all the animals to live a free existence. Snowlene is taken away on a ship to be sold to a zoo, and it is aboard the ship that Kimba is born in a cage.

    His mother convinces him to jump overboard. He later sees the wreckage of the ship in the water and realises the ship must have sunk, with his mother who is now dead.Kimba swims ashore guided by the memory of his father and the voice of his mother with her image being formed from a group of stars in the dark sky. 

   In his travels to reach the jungle he sees the great cities of the humans and decides if he ever reaches the jungle he will teach the animals to be civilised like the humans. When Kimba reaches his home he is against fighting Claw who has taken over as king of the jungle from Caeser, and it is not until Kimba is captured by hunters and saved by a human that he realises that ‘sometimes you have to fight for what's right.’

  He comes back stronger, defeating Claw and, like his father, becomes king. Kimba believes that destroying fellow animals is wrong, no matter what (even though he kills a few in the series), and that animals should not eat one another but learn to farm and be vegetarians.

Characters in the Kimba Story
            Kimba's Enemies
   Claw the Lion and Tom and Tab (two hyenas) 
      Daniel Baboon, his wisest and closest friend.
 Pauley Cracker (a parrot) and friend, Dodie Deer and Bucky Deer with enemies including Cassius a black panther,

Charcters in the Lion King  
   Uncle Scar 
  Mufasa's brother the evil cunning betrayer and the enemy to Simba"s throne.
                     Scar's followers and evil assistants.
Zazu   The Hornbill 
Mufasa's trusted advisor, Zazu is a hornbill with a strong sense of personal dignity.He would give his right wing for the Lion King.
   Mufasa Simbas father 
   Regal, commanding and majestic, Mufasa is a great king with a kind, generous heart. Concerned with teaching his son Simba to  be wise,responsible king.
      Nala Friend
Best buddies who fall in love.
      Rafiki wise baboon
   Like A tribal medicine man or an ancient shaman. Rafiki travels his own road, sings his own songs and knows what he knows. After anointing newborn Simba, Rafiki wanders off on his mystical way. He returns again to guide Simba back to the path he was meant to follow.


Did the Disney studio steal Kimba The White Lion and rework it as their "original story", The Lion King? 

  Jungle Emperor was the original title for Kimba The White Lion.It seems quite simple; Kimba had been kept out of sight in North America for 20 years by that time. And once you can see the two together I believe the similarities are there for all to see. 

The names , Kimba - the"K"and Add a "S" is Simba.

In early production stages, Simba was white.

 The rights to Kimba the White Lion were tied up in legal battles for many years, beginning when the original production company, Mushi Productions, went bankrupt in 1973. The US contract to the show ran out in 1978. Nobody had the US rights to it from 1978 until 2000.

The Disney corporate stance, that none of Disney's people knew of Kimba before the movie was released, has been exposed as untrue. 

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